Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Do-Not-Call List

The following members of the U.S. Congress are rock solid on supporting and promoting single-payer health care via improved Medicare for All. We should not consume the time of their staff and them with our telephone calls and other communications which ask for support.


As explained below at "Until Further Notice", we DO NOT YET maintain this list. Participants will be notified when that situation changes.

 -- "Until Further Notice --

The number is so small that we currently do not spend the time and effort to maintain this list. Therefore, your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators need a phone call, no matter who they are. You could wait and make your phone calls when the monthly reminder suggests that everyone make calls. Or you could call before those times, as pert of the "Extras" that you can do as optional actions one time per month.

Associated Visit to Congress. In June 2007 I went to all 535 offices in the U.S. Congress to communicate the plans of this effort. In many of the offices a staff person told me that communications from constituents are important even if the Senator or Representative supports improved Medicare for All. They greatly appreciate the confirmation from their own constituents that they are supported in their position of support — Bob.


Names on the above list are either added very carefully or removed very fast, depending on the action(s) of the member of Congress. If you have good documentation that supports and addition of a name to the associated Superstars list, please have the health care legislative assistant or the member of Congress contact us. But first go to the list of individual members of Congress to see what we might have documented about the person. As time permits and as the information becomes available, we try to provide more details for members of Congress’ positions and what actions they may have taken.


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