Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Single-Payer Movement Organized by U.S. Congressional District

District Groups

U.S. Congressional District Groups

Status: your patience is needed. District groups are being established as the participation grows. The purpose of the groups is documented below. Not all districts have district coordinators. Most districts only have a handful of people; persons who have volunteered for coordinator roles are gradually being contacted. Your patience is requested during this time of getting the groups established, including establishing coordinators, as people volunteer for the coordinator roles: district, city/county, and precinct/neighborhood. If you are interested in being a coordinator, please update your sign on information via the appropriate “update your preferences” link.

Access to your district’s web page. Each district has its own Medicare for All web page. Here is an opportunity to make a bookmark (a favorite) to directly go to your district’s group web page in the future. To access the web page, where a “District Information” section is or will be maintained by your district coordinator(s), first go to the status by district, then select your state, and finally your district.

Temporary note: please see my district [MI-4] (Michigan’s 4th) for an example of where the “District Information” section appears, since there is someone from the district to maintain it. — Bob

Purpose of District Groups

Educate Americans about single-payer and invite them to sign up to help get single-payer.

Refer to the action steps at Help Get Care.

An expansion of the purpose may occur in the future, but the critical first step is to have Americans know what single-payer is, know its benefits, and have 2,299 of them in every U.S. Congressional district signed up at this website. Then we’ll have a single-payer movement. Until then, we are doing a disservice to our fellow Americans. We must help them feel positive about the change that is coming by implementing single-payer and give them a chance to help get it.

Refer to your district’s web page to see the number of participants in your district, a graph of the number of participants over time, a link to more explanation about the number of participants, and any details that may be recorded for your U.S. Representative about their support or lack of support for single-payer.


Be polite, not confrontational. Keep moving.

If someone does not support the idea of having national health insurance in the United States, it is strongly suggested that you do not keep the conversation going. Do not try to convince them to change their mind. Your time is best spent finding some of the millions who are concerned about the topic of health care, listen to your quick review of what single-payer is, decide that they support it and ask them to sign up, either immediately at their computer or putting their information onto a sign up sheet.

A valid sign up

In order to get a valid sign up of someone means first having enough of a conversation with someone to determine their opinion about health care reform. That must occur prior to asking them to provide their information onto a sign up sheet.

The single-payer movement will be hurt, not helped, by asking someone to sign up before the not only explaining what single-payer is, but also learning their opinion about it.

We Can Get and Maintain Single-Payer

For many of us the effort to get single-payer will probably need to continue after single-payer is implemented. We will need to help make certain that the public agency, the single-payer, is maintained once it’s established. Keep this future situation in mind as we proceed to work to insure that the first major step is achieved: the solid establishment of an excellent single-payer public agency.

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