Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Open Letter
to Democrats


First posted 28 May 2011


To: Members of the Democratic Party
      Those who tend to vote for Democrats
      Those who want a health-care-for-all system


Status: bleak

Republicans are saying that the Democrat plan for our future health-care-NOT-for all system is bad. Correct.

Democrats are saying that the Republican plan for our future health-care-NOT-for all system is bad. Correct.

Americans, thanks to Democrats' lack of support and thanks to each other for the lack of spreading the word (prior to 2011), don't even know What Every American Should Know.

You as Democrats, and all Americans in all political parties, need to educate each other,  get questions and concerns answered, and communicate to get the best health-care-for-all system in the world.

Wake up, Democrats. Stop playing around with our lives. Your party is supposed to be the party of the people, and your party platform does not reflect the wishes of the people at all. It supports the health insurance companies.

Recognize the concerns about the deficit.

Recognize the hatred for an individual mandate that you established. (Affordable Care Act of 2010; Obamacare). Recognize why Republican Scott Brown was very strongly supported by life-long Democrats in his successful bid to become a Massachusetts Senator to replace the position of Democrat Ted Kennedy.

Recognize Americans' desire for Improved Medicare for All via single-payer health care, even not yet knowing What Every American Should Know. The evidence of our support is clear, including the "poll" of 255,315 Americans in Massachusetts.



Bob Haiducek (hi' duh sek)

National Contact for the educational and communications campaign titled "Million Letters for Health Care"




Know What Americans Should Know

and then

Sign Up to Stand Up for Single-Payer. 

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