Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Dedicated Americans

Examples and Comments


Following are specific people among the many with whom I have either communicated or met, face-to-face or by phone, who are or were dedicated to getting improved Medicare for All. — Bob

  • 15 years. A retired surgeon in the east, with whom I’ve been interacting for a few years, told me that he has spent about 15 years dedicating as much time and effort as he can to getting Improved Medicare for All. He is one of thousands of medical professionals who have spent many years at this effort.
  • 20 Years. A nurse in the midwest, in a state different than mine, told me in a face-to-face meeting that she had been working on getting improved Medicare for All for 10-15 years. That was a few years ago, so she may be in the range of 15-20 years now.
  • 40 Years. A woman on the west coast communicated to me about two years ago that her husband was 95 years old, and they had been working on getting Medicare for All for over 40 years.
  • Until Death. A retired, aging dentist in the southeast spoke with me over the phone a few times about our individual efforts. I knew then that he was getting round-the-clock care. He literally worked on efforts to get single-payer health care until the day he died some weeks later. That also occurred a few years ago.
  • Plans to Shake Her Fist from the Grave. An 85-year old woman and I were speaking on the phone in the fall of 2010. She told me that she has a vision that she will be lying in her grave and shaking her fist that the United States must establish Improved Medicare for All.


15 years! 20 years! 40 years!

Do you want to wait for this for another 20-40 years?

It is time to get this done! We need to DO what MUST be done!

The following two activities need to be done:

1. Massive Degree of Informing Each Other: Informing millions of Americans one-on-one and in small groups.

The Million Letters for Health Care campaign provides resources for Americans to inform other Americans efficiently. The facts and the answers to questions and concerns are available. By accessing the facts and answers only on-line, everyone always has access to the latest updates and additions.

2. Unity of Action by Millions:

The Million Letters for Health Care campaign provides the unity of all of us doing the same 10-15 minute action, once per month … plus having simplicity, such as ONLY ONE E-MAIL reminder sent to participants per month … to help motivate millions of Americans will do the small activity.

Project management and marketing techniques are used at this website and by the Million Letters for Health Care campaign to help get this done.

If you have a suggestion that would make any element of this website or the campaign better, then please contact Bob.

Please follow the Steps and let’s get this done.

Millions of informed citizens communicating:
more power than the opposition’s lobbyists and media.


    Know what every American should know.  

and then   

    Sign Up to stand up for single-payer
to help get
improved Medicare for All.   

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