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Single-Payer Support Monitor

Current Chart of U.S. Congress Support
... compared to U.S. Citizens’ Support

See the Update and Note that is provided below the chart.

U.S. Congress Support for Single-Payer

Update about the 1st and 2nd bars, above.

Over half of Americans want Improved Medicare for All, especially considering the following updates:.
Ballot question (2008, 2010) "... create a single payer health insurance system like Medicare ..."results from 255,213 Americans (in Massachusetts): 67% support.
NYT/CBS News poll of April 2011 on question specific to whether or not it's the federal government's responsibility to provide health care coverage for seniors: 76% yes.

Media campaigns by the opposition generally impact the opinions of Americans to be 80% against instead of over 50% for. As explained at the media web page,

Note about accuracy regarding the 3rd and 4th bars, above.

The following factors explain why, on any given moment in time, the above numbers for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate may very well be more accurate than what the Library of Congress reports.
1) The sponsor of the single-payer legislation is included.
2) Non-voting members of the U.S. House are not included.
3) Persons who have died or resigned or otherwise left office are not included.
4) We include all strong supporters of single-payer health care, whether or not they are currently on the list of H.R. 676 cosponsors.

U.S. Citizen Support

CNN Poll = CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll [pdf] in May 2007;

“Do you think the government should provide a national health insurance program for all Americans, even if this would require higher taxes?”

Bob: This question was answered positively by 64% of the Americans polled without the question being accompanied by either of the following explanations:

The resulting national health insurance program is expected to involve extremely little or no cost to patients for their medically necessary health care beyond what would be required in taxes. Costs other than taxes will be either eliminated or extremely reduced, resulting in a large savings for millions of Americans.

NYT/CBS Poll = The New York Times / CBS News Poll[pdf] in February 2007;

Question #38 regarding “one health insurance program for all administered by the government”

For much more about U.S. citizens’ support: go to Monitor Popular Support.

U.S. Congress Support

U.S. House: – updated daily The number of U.S. Representatives who support single-payer.

U.S. Senate: – updated daily The number of U.S. Senators who support single-payer.

For much more about U.S. Congress’ support: go to the main page of the Support Monitor



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