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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Critical Knowledge
for the Notes and Votes Campaign


Thousands must communicate to our U.S. Representative.
We can get reminders and follow the Schedule

Personally-composed notes are best; short ones are fine
… and are worth far more than a a “form letter”.

U.S. Representatives like to respond to their constituents, especially when they receive the same request from many constituents

U.S. Senators will logically follow, but we can also communicate to them … and to presidential candidates.

Single-payer activists must move solidly forward

  • Educate citizens
  • Provide answers to questions
  • Have citizens communicate to their U.S. Representative to if they want to please become a participant
  • Have citizens tell 3 others … or give them the short training session to become an activist to solidly tell more than 3 citizens

Educate, Communicate, Tell Others

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