Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Amazing Cost and Shocking Life Expectancy

250% the Cost and
28th (now 30th) in Life Expectancy

World Health Organization data

June 2011 update, reporting 2009 data: U.S. still pays an amazing 250% times the average of 29 other free market countries with spending now about $8,000 per person per year. The U.S. World Health Organization life expectancy rank remains at about 30th in life expectancy ranking in the world.

We're not getting our money's worth!

Life Expectancy and Country from 2011 report of 2009 data:

83 Japan
82 Spain
82 Singapore
81 Sweden
81 New Zealand
81 Netherlands
81 France
81 Canada
80 United Kingdom
80 Ireland
80 Greece
80 Finland
79 United States
79 Portugal
79 Denmark
79 Costa Rica
79 Chile
78 Cuba

27th - 30th Note that various studies place the U.S. somewhere between 27th and 30th … all low life expectancies relative to some people’s perception of the quality of life and health care in the U.S.

About Canada. As highlighted above, the average lifespan of our neighbors, the Canadians, is 2-3 years longer, and they enjoy the benefits of other free-market countries (except the U.S.) that are highlighted at this web site.


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