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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Communications to Get Non-Profit Financing
of Health Care (Single-Payer)

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Million Letters for Health Care Campaign

1 million Americans each sending
1 letter to 1 person 1 time per month

Get 1 reminder on the 1st of each month.

Temporary note during April 2009: The reorganization of communications recommendations continues. The recommendations are being simplified significantly. Simple is best, as we mainly need a million Americans to know about the need and to participate in sending letters to U.S. Representatives.

1 note = a sending of a note in the U.S. Mail
1 person = your U.S. Representative
1 time per month
by 1 million Americans, based on the number of persons who send notes every U.S. Congressional District, based on receiving a 1st of the month reminder

Additional Communications:
for those who can and want to do more

This is being reviewed and refined during April 2009

  • Sending your note to your U.S. Senators, according to the available “Information to Send Notes to Congress”, a report customized for your U.S. Congressional District that includes information about your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and how to send your note by fax or by e-mail, the 2nd and 3rd options for sending your note
  • One-time communications (pdf) to President Obama
  • Weekly communications (pdf) to the White House Office of Health Reform
  • Monthly make calls (pdf) to the U.S. Congress

Americans want the best version: single-payer. If you are an American and have the vision to get peace of mind regarding medical bills that all other industrialized countries have, then please get the monthly reminders that provide help to make it as easy as possible to follow the communications activity below.

You are 1 to 3 clicks from all the information you need in as simple a form as we could get it to date; if you can think of any additional simplification, please contact me. If you want a short-cut to the associated set of pdf files go here.

Know when to communicate according to the first letter of your last name, because this communications activity is growing to be massive in size

We want to do the following:

  • Have a steady stream of notes and faxes arriving every day
  • Have the calls occur as follows:
    • Minimal time per call as per the minimum word provided in the suggested script
    • Maximum number of calls per month by spreading them out over the days of the month
    • Therefore, we will be able to achieve the result of the maximum impact on each U.S. Representative

Communications to the White House

Communicate One-Time to President Obama

The suggested first action is to do a one-time set of actions to communicate to the President. The needed postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address are provided.

President Obama, when he was campaigning for the U.S. Presidency, suggested that one to two thousand citizens in every U.S. Congressional District communicate what they want for health care policy. He said that in the spring of 2007 to a large group of people who spoke strongly in favor of single-payer in Portsmouth New Hampshire. We will not get what we want unless we communicate!

Communicate Weekly to the
White House Office of Health Reform

Make it clear to President Obama that we want and need single-payer by overwhelming his office of health reform with communications about single-payer. Educate the office that we know about non-profit single-payer by sending them a different note each week. You can obtain suggested content by referring to the set of 5 suggested notes that are provided in the monthly reminders.

Communications to the U.S. Congress

To Your U.S. Representative Monthly
And Your U.S. Senators if Time Permits

— — — — — — — — — —


Call according to the schedule. This first suggestion is to make telephone calls to one or more of a set of persons each month. This action of phone calls has the least time commitment, but can be an outstanding contribution, especially when you as a caller encourage many others to call and get the available reminders.

Making phone calls is the least amount of effort due to the suggested script, which is only 10-20 words to say. Short calls allow thousands of people to make the calls according to the schedule. If you try to call 2-3 times and keep on getting a busy signal, that’s a sign to please call the following day.

Go to Make Calls to get all necessary information.

Send a Note

Send a note each month is the next suggested level of activity if you can and want to do more by sending notes in the U.S. Mail or via e-mail. Although sending a note in the U.S. Mail is best, the instructions provide how to send your note by e-mail as an alternative. This level is especially valuable and could result in thousands of envelopes arriving at the desks of the suggested recipients each month.

Go to Send Notes to get all necessary information.

Reminders are Available

If you want to be sent e-mail reminders each month to do these important communications … including 5 suggestions for the content of notes, then you are invited to request monthly reminders, which you can get by e-mail or, if necessary, by telephone.

Option: Contact Health Care Legislative Assistants

Option: Communicate to the U.S. Congress Weekly

Option for those who can and want to communicate often

Make phone calls and send notes weekly. Consider doing this every Thursday. Each monthly reminder e-mail (when you sign up for reminders!) will include a set of five different ideas (sets of suggested wording). Therefore, you will have five different notes or starting points for each of your 4 or 5 Thursdays of each month. Therefore, you can send a different note each week.

Associated Information

Summary of Communications

Associated set of pdf files

You may want to review the set of four web pages immediately above, since they provide links to more than the pdf files. However, most of the “meat” is in the pdf files, and here is the way to go directly to each pdf file and the special report that you can generate for writing the all-important action of sending notes.

  • One-time communications_pdf to President Obama
  • Weekly communications_pdf to the White House Office of Health Reform
  • Monthly make calls_pdf to the U.S. Congress
  • Monthly send notes to the U.S. Congress
    • You can go directly to the web page for generating the special report of information that is customized for your district.


— The best contact method is to write letters that you send in the U.S. Mail to the U.S. Congress, at least to your U.S. Representative and optionally to your two U.S. Senators.
— Next is to fax letters.
— Third is to make phone calls.
— Fourth is to send emails.
Remember: make your communications short and to the point, because many offices only count the communications. Read more on that following …

Know that some offices read and respond. If you always get a response in the U.S. mail, especially to a written letter, then that office is reading and responding. If you never get a response, then at least you can know that most of them are counting and that they are being influenced.

Whatever action you take, you are a very important help for this very important cause.

Numbers, Schedule, Legislation … and Status by District

  • The number of participants needed in each U.S. Congressional District.
  • The schedule to be followed.
  • The proposed legislation is H.R. 676
  • The status by district monitors of the progress in terms of number of participants: the number of persons who are getting monthly reminders with the current month’s suggestions for notes. The year 2009 is critical, and the number of participants needs to soar at a faster rate! So get 3 others to get monthly reminders.

Please Decide to Take Action

Action. If you take action, then expect health care for all to occur at a price that you and the country can afford and that will provide true peace of mind.

Inaction. If you do not take action, then do not expect those results; they will not occur.

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