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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Communications: weekly on a weekday of your choice
A pdf version of this web page is available.

Communicate to the
White House Office
of Health Reform

Those who receive monthly reminders:
1) get suggested notes enough for each week
2) will be notified when this activity stops.

Printing this page results in a summarized version.

Make this flood of communications to the White House Office of Health Reform “bigger than life”!

Background. The White House Office of Health Reform has a Director who is also the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Until I learn otherwise, I expect that the Deputy Director’s time is mostly or entirely focused on the development of a new U.S. health reform proposal. The office has a telephone number as of early February 2009, although one cannot call that number directly; instructions are below and in the pdf file.

Purpose. Flood this office with an overwhelming amount of communications. Have them answering calls and receiving faxes and receiving envelopes in the U.S. mail every week until they are in full support of the implementation of non-profit financing of health care.

Plan the Timing of Your Communications. Pick a day of the week. Send a note … or send a note plus call … every week until further notice.

Send a Note by U.S. Mail - best option

  • Send a note by U.S Mail
    • “Please support non-profit single-payer national health insurance as per H.R. 676.” Include a little more, such as using one of the suggestions you receive in the monthly reminders. There are enough suggestions for each week when you get the monthly reminders.
    • Sign your name. Print your name and address, at least your city and state.
    • Mail to: Jeanne Lambrew, Deputy Director
      White House Office of Health Reform
      200 Independence Ave. S.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20201

Send Note by Fax — second best option, at your computer at no cost

1.Go to Enter 2026907203 for the fax number and “Jeanne Lambrew” for the recipient name at “Receiver Information” at the right. Enter your name and your e-mail address at “Sender Information” on the left.
2.Copy the note above and paste it into the large text box at “Fax Information”. Enter the “Confirmation Code” that you see on the screen exactly as you see it displayed.
3.Select “Send Free Fax Now”.
4.You will receive an e-mail; you must select a link there to confirm your e-mail address before the fax is sent.
5.When the fax gets sent, you will receive an additional e-mail.

Send via E-Maill? — a distant last choice

This communications activity is too critical an activity in too critical a year to send these communications by e-mail
We need to flood this office with paper copies of our input every week with each person sending via U.S. Mail or fax.
It is much less expensive in time, money and effort for us to do a million notes to Jeanne Lambrew each week and a million communications to our U.S. Representatives each month than it is for us to get ourselves to Washington, D.C. for a million-person march or do other big activities.


  • Call 202-456-1414
    • You must let the entire greeting play and wait for an operator to answer the phone.
    • If you press zero, you will simply cause the recording to restart and play again.
    • The entire greeting might play multiple times before an operator answers.
  • Ask for the Office of Health Reform.
  • When you are connected, tell whoever answers that you would like to leave a brief message for Jeanne (pronounced “Jean”) Lambrew.
  • Communicate this message:
    • “Please support non-profit single-payer national health insurance, as per H.R. 676. My name is (say at least your first name) and I live in (say your state’s name).”

Important: Do not ask to speak with Ms. Lambrew, just leave the message. It’s important to have thousands of citizens leaving her a message and/or sending her a note. We want to make certain that she and President Obama know what we want. The numbers of citizens are most important. Also, avoid leaving your message on voice-mail. Save voice-mail space for those who can only call after normal business hours.

Additional Ways to Communicate

Do you consider it a problem that 42% of Americans under age 65 are either uninsured or under-insured? (95% of Americans do.) Then consider that the 42% is certainly now closer to 50%, which means that somewhere between 130 and 135 million are in that situation. That number is zero in all other industrialized countries.

Do you think that United States’ citizens should have same kind of peace of mind about (lack of) health care bills that citizens in all other industrialized countries have?

Then please do monthly communications to the U.S. Congress.

Information is available here:
   Making calls and its pdf version
   Sending notes where you can get a report customized for your U.S. Congressional District.

E-mail reminders each month provide a set of suggestions for the wording of your monthly note.

The United States spends 250% more per person for every citizen than the average of all the other industrialized countries, but it’s life expectancy dropped from 27th to 30th and its ability to minimize deaths due to preventable diseases went from 15th of 19 countries to 19th of 19 countries … and roughly half of its citizens have adequate insurance.

Sources of information are available.

Additional Information

  • You must call the above White House telephone number
    • The White House operators do not communicate the direct number, so don’t ask for it.
    • The U.S. Capitol operators will not connect you to the White House number.
  • Printing this page results in a summarized version.
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