Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Not Necessary; Not Advised

Purpose of Co-Pays

Co-pays would provide a very small contribution to the country’s health care costs. The cost for the health care system to manage co-pays would be more costly than the amount of income generated.

As a result, the purpose becomes a kind of incentive for patients to think that health care does cost money and that there is a value in what care they are receiving. But that does nothing to communicate the actual costs, so there is not much incentive, especially for those who can easily afford the co-pays.

Need: Maximize Simplicity

We need to focus on simplicity. The simpler that we make the system, the most efficient and lowest cost it will be.

Having a system of co-pays for doctor visits or other medical services would be very costly compared to the limited benefits. Anyone who can readily afford a small co-pay is not going to have their decision-making affected by the amount of money required. Therefore, that leaves the people who cannot afford the co-pay to consider not going to the doctor.

Need: Minimize Barriers to Getting Health Care

We need to minimize the barriers to anyone getting care.

In general, whether it’s a person who is very focused on controlling their personal expenses or a person who has very little money, co-pays become a disincentive for a patient to get to the doctor and to then follow what the doctor recommends.

Ideas for the Health Care System

As an alternative to thinking that paying a co-pay will somehow make people consider the costs, it may be much better for the health care system to focus on communicating the costs of various health care services, such as on a web site(s). Actual cost information could then be available for the doctor and the patient during decision-making.


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