Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Campaign Launch 12-12-12

Million Letters for Health Care Campaign

to help get single-payer health care,

Improved Medicare for All.

If you have not signed up before at this website, now's the time:

Read the Know page to become informed.

If you have questions, please see the Answers or the Answers TOC.

Then sign up to be a Health Care Patriot ... and spread the word.

Note: is a short web address that takes you to this website.

Why now?

Our OLD / original plan was to have a robust promotion of the campaign by the fall of 2013, at which time we'd have specific technical projects done in advance.

The NEW plan calls for the technical projects to proceed on plan without interrupting the progress of the campaign.

This campaign needed to begin. We have a realistic opportunity during the period of 12/12/12 through first quarter 2016 to shift the United States from an implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, to the implementation of universal health care: national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All. So we are giving the American people a chance to do exactly that.

See the 12-12-12 Launch Features, below, for some of the current highlights about this website and the campaign.

Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate
National contact and one of the persons supporting
the website and the campaign of citizens who are
now collectively titled as the Health Care Patriots coalition.



12-12-12 Launch Features

— Update of the Table of Contents (TOC) on the left side of the screen.

— Direct links to Know and Sign Up at the top of the TOC.

— The website Index, a new feature which will gradually expand to link to more and more of this website's extensive content.

— Set of links to the Index, Answers, and Answers TOC at the bottom of the TOC.

— Coalition of individual Americans: Health Care Patriots. with our Twitter account mforall and associated hash tag. Go here: #mforall check it out.

Announcements about the campaign will be made via multiple social network methods, such as Twitter and Facebook. Always refer to the Announcements web page for the current list of ways we communicate about the campaign.

Information card that will soon replace the info packet.

— A significantly improved Know page.

Campaign management improvements. Our campaign plan now has only three phases, as described at the plan page.

Phase 1: Educate and Consolidate.
Phase 2: Communicate and Legislate.
Phase 3: Implement and Celebrate.

The improved plan results in no emails after the first 2 or 3 in 2013.

Campaign emails to campaign participants will stop sometime during the first quarter of 2013. Our plan is to build our strength in knowledge and numbers during Phase 1 and then conduct massive communications events in Phase 2. We will be able to demonstrate our coalition's strength in a sudden, dramatic occurrence of the scheduled communications events during the plan's Phase 2 that will position us to defeat non-supporters in 2014, as long as individual Americans participate in 2013 to reach the goal.

— The immediate focus is the objectives of Phase 1 to inform Americans at the Know and Answers pages and to build the coalition of informed Health Care Patriots via the sign up page.


Opportunities to Act

We had a ground floor of roughly 2,000 participants. Now it's time to expand from that number.

Be a Health Care Patriot. Know and Sign Up.

Donate monthly or one-time.

Many Health Care Patriots will use the "free" services. But the campaign debts from six years of development plus the on-going and growing monthly expenses must be paid. We need more donors. If you can afford to donate $1 to $5 per month (or more) or can do a one-time donation, please donate.


Volunteering Short-Term. Example of a short-term role(s): Reviewer. We are in need of additional reviewers of the content of the website. For example, contact Bob to request the necessary information so that you can review the Answers web page and give whatever comments you have in the way of feedback.

Volunteering Long-Term. Example of a long-term role(s): Monitor for Supporters. During Phase 2 we will need people to help support the updates of information at the Support Monitor. It is helpful to have an interest / ability / willingness / time to do detailed research on Google to do this role.

Being the best among Health Care Patriots

Become familiar with all parts of the website.
       Explore the Index. Check out the links of interest,
              but mainly do a careful review of the Index itself.
       Read all of the Answers.
       Know the continuous improvement process.

Give feedback about the website and the campaign.


         It is Time for Universal Health Care

It's time for us to establish
     — our power of knowledge about this positive change.
     — our power in numbers of Health Care Patriots, unified to help get it.
We can and will establish the best universal health care in the world:
        single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.
Contact Bob to help.


    Know what every American
should know, 

and then   

    Sign Up to be notified
when the campaign starts
to get strong support
from the U.S. Congress
for universal health care,
     Medicare for All.   

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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