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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
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Brick Walls?

"Tear ‘Em Down": that is, Deal with 'Em!

Let us know of any other brick walls
we need to "tear down" in our thinking
besides those listed.

Brick Walls

Make a selection to learn more about each these brick walls, below.



About Brick Wall #1 Attitude: The view by a politician(s) that there is no political will for single-payer does NOT need to be the position by even one American.

NOT TO WORRY! as the British would say it. We will cause the establishment of the political will.

Some politicians and some of the citizens in "the beltway" around Washington D.C. have been repeating the words "no polical will for single-payer" for years. They are in a trance over it. It's an element strength for the opposition.

When every district of the U.S. Representatives within a state has over 23,000 participants in the campaign and is getting the result of thousands of campaign envelopes in the U.S. Mail each month ... and then that number of thousands increasing even more over time as the campaign continues to grow, the so-called political will be established.

Why? Because in each office's staff are all oriented to serving the constituents of that U.S. Congressional District. Why do they focus so much on their own district’s constituents? Because every U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator who is in charge of their staff wants to get as many votes as possible in their next election. The atmosphere among the staff becomes one of anticipation of how the voters in their district or their state are going to vote: for the current person in office or for a challenger who will kick them out of office!

Then, at some moment in time, the light comes on among that group and the political will is established.

Where do the two U.S. Senators come in? Some participants will decide to send letters to each of their two U.S. Senators each month. And on some months the monthly reminder will specify that the two Senators are to be flooded with personalized letters of support for single-payer, Improved Medicare for All.

When we get to the first campaign goal for your state, the U.S. Representative(s) of your state and the two U.S. Senators should start responding.

How to Identify That the political will is being established via a specific member of the U.S. Congress:

Solid support is seen via what we insist that the Representatives and Senators do, as follows:
A. Communicate support to the campaign.
B. At their U.S. Congress website, communicate a very clearly documented position on the issue of health care: strong support of single-payer, Improved Medicare for All,
C. Within most or all of their communications regarding health care ... by them and their health care legislative assistant(s) ... they need to remind their constituents that they support “single-payer, Improved Medicare for All”, and
D. Their tone when talking about health care makes them sound like a outspoken promoter of single-payer health care like they need to be, not just a supporter in name only.

Summary: To convince us that they have the strong position that we expect, their position must be clear to anyone and everyone, not just their informed constituents who are communicating to them.

Solid Support will be established when we have solid support for single-payer, Medicare for All from:
over 67% of the U.S. Representatives and
over 67% of the U.S. Senators.




About Brick Wall #2 wrongly perceived procedure limitations within the U.S. Postal Service.

: United States Postal Service is blocked due to fears about anthrax and other dangers. Dramatic, frequent blockages of the mail flow occur. There are serious problems with mail going to the U.S. Congress ... and not arriving at their destination for weeks or months.

There are no such problems. That rumor started over ten years ago, and it's unfortunatly still present.

Go here to learn about the sending of mail to the U.S. Congress from persons responsible for receiving that mail and delivering it to the Congressional offices.


About Brick Wall #3 with its wrong view that emails are seen as fine and easier for sending messages.

Fortunately, there was a thorough study of this topic with an excellent resulting report. Emails have a much lower impact of influence compared to a signed, personalized letter sent in the U.S. Mail. MUCH lower.

Go here to learn the facts.




About Brick Wall #4: addressing campaign finance reform in parallel, not first, with regards to working on health care.

Americans do need to support the cause of implementing campaign finance reform as an important issue, but not to the detriment of our efforts to get health care.

The amount of time and effort spent should be greater on getting single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All, as explained here ...

Propaganda. The opposition to universal health care has inflitrated the minds of Americans for decades with propaganda, resulting in a control of opinions.

Fortunately, most people are good people who are willing to listen to the truth. That truth is found among the knowledge that Americans need to have. And the presentation of that knowledge must be within the consistent, uniform, standard, agreed-upon set of communications tools that everyone uses from one website, this Medicare for All website. Why? Because we need to have efficiency and get this effort  completed in the best way possible after many people agree on what that best way is. [Temporary note: These words are written prior to the accomplishment of establishing that "best way" without which we will surely fail to get single-payer "sooner" instead of "later"].

In turn, the communication of that knowledge via the one, standard set of communications tools ... to offset those decades of propaganda ... will take time and effort. That gets us back to the following point:

Even though it's tempting to work on campaign finance reform, Americans must help themselves and each other become informed about the tremendous positive changes to our society that will come from the implementation of single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All. Then, along with campaign finance reform in parallel, the informed Americans can overwhelm the members of the U.S. Congress with communications.

Extreme position? There is very much communication of knowledge (education) that must be accomplished. The propaganda effort has worked to make millions off Americans think that single-payer health care is an extreme position that should not be taken, even though it's exactly what is needed in order to establish the best universal health care in the world. We do NOT need to mention this issue of extreme position. Rather, we need to raise the comfort level regarding the implementation of single-payer health care via the education effort: the communication of knowledge via the standard communication tools.

Two ways we pay too much. That education will take time, and we need to make that time be as short as possible. Why? Because the situation is NOT just economic. Single-payer health care will lower our costs in two ways:
1) the money:  the cost in terms of money and
2) the hurt: the cost in terms of hardships, up to and including deaths.

Relief of the hurt. There are TENS of millions of Americans who have been unnecessary hurt by the current way that we pay for health care. It's a very personal experience for them. It would be very good to first educate them that the hardships are unnecessary, that there is a better way: single-payer. Then, as an oh-by-the-way, go ahead and mention campaign finance reform AFTER they have become
#1) informed about Improved Medicare for All and
#2) signed-up participant in the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign.







Solid citizen participation will be established when:
1) We have established over 23,000 participants in every one of the 435 U.S. Congressional Districts in our Medicare for All database and have established the momentum for that number to keep on growing in our quest that as many Americans as possible be informed.
2) Our continually growing number of participants have sent enough monthly communications of letters and phone calls that solid support has been established within members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate with 67% solid support levels in each.


Tear Down the Brick Walls


    Know what every American
should know, 

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     Medicare for All.   

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