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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Bob’s Story

Contents:    About Me,    About My Experiences,    My Conclusions

About Me

I am a retiree who lives in Michigan. I devote my life, as an unpaid volunteer, to the movement to establish universal health care, Medicare for All, in the United States. That's the establishment of what is often called "single payer".  It will be a signifcantly improved version of Medicare.

I am an unpaid volunteer ...

... who has received hundreds of hours of help since 2007 that were both for 1) technical development support and 2) the review and refinement of the website's content.

I am a member of these organizations:
— Healthcare-Now
— Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), which started over 20 years ago and has over 17,000 physicians who support Improved Medicare for All; I have a health care advocate membership with them.
— Single-Payer Action Network Ohio (SPAN-Ohio), where I got “my start” by being as active as I could with them .
— I have either active on-going communications with individuals who are members of additional health care for all / single-payer organizations, such as the ones established in specific states.

My support for United States to implement an improved Medicare for All is based on multiple life experiences and from knowledge obtained by researching, reading and studying.

About My Experiences and Resulting Opinions

  • My experiences that helped establish my attitudes.
    • Good people. Due to a couple of very people-oriented work experiences, one in my teens and one in my 50’s, I developed the opinion that most people are good people. From all my experiences I feel that most people not only care, at least about their own family and friends. Those same caring people are willing to learn about how the United States can and will establish a health-care-for-all system and how America and Americans will benefit.
    • Peace of mind. Our family-of-four’s most significant experience among European and North American countries was that we lived in the Canadian province of Ontario for 4.5 years. Our health care was excellent. Equally important I noticed a peace of mind and an associated “down-to-earth” calmness about life among most Canadians. That calmness is certainly  partly due to having universal health care: health care for all.
  • Major surgery as a learning experience about the “system”
    • My surgery in the United States in 2006 resulted in the insurance company and me paying only about 25% of what was billed!
    • The surgeon for my surgery in 2006 agreed to accept the “reasonable and customary charges” that are apparently already set among the (over 1300) health insurance company payers and the medical professionals.
    • There are plenty of price negotiations occurring in the current complex system that hold down the income of health care professionals and their facilities … beyond the other obvious negative impacts on incomes: excessive administrative costs and malpractice premiums, both of which will decrease dramatically with an improved Medicare for All.
  • Awareness of large health insurance costs.
    • A close relative now has a whopping $4,000 deductible before the health insurance company pays anything … and the health insurance company does not pay for everything after the deductible has been met (paid).
    • Another close relative has a $3,000 per year deductible for outpatient services that he “consumes” quickly each year due to his medical needs.
    • My retiree health insurance premiums increased significantly. The total rise was over 700% prior to going on Medicare!
  • Excessive administration.
    • I have experienced numerous challenges with the administration of the billing process by the health care providers and the insurance company. Not everyone has the combination of awareness, interest, ability, knowledge and time to track down mistakes by insurance companies and the providers.
    • I worked for a year registering patients for hospital services as an "admitting clerk". That front-line job makes up just a very tiny part of the complex administrative excess.
  • Awareness of the impact.
    • During the last several years I been paying attention to the many spaghetti dinners, raffles, auctions and other benefits for families who are in massive amounts of debt due to medical expenses for a specific person, who may still be living or is now deceased. During one week in my community there were two front-page articles in my local newspaper. It’s sad to think of the unnecessary physical, emotional and financial pain that people experience.
    • In February 2007 the elected officials for my county established that an additional group of county employees, at the time of their retirement, will no longer be provided with health insurance. That’s exactly what my company did years ago, effective 1/1/1993.
    • In August 2012 my state's regulators decided that any new teachers hired will not receive health insurance support when they retire.

My Conclusions

We must do what all other free-market, industrialized nations do: provide universal health care, health care for all, which according to the book Health Care Meltdown1, means implement a national health program with everyone having health insurance via a simplified system.

In other words, we need universal health care, an Improved Medicare for All.

A way to make a significant contribution on getting universal health care is here:

Education: Establish knowledge among Americans.

Informed Americans will be the foundation with which we not only get Improved Medicare for All, but also with which we keep it.

Communications: Americans communicating to Washington, D.C. in massive numbers at specific times.

Those communications will be powerful, because all participants will essentially build the power of the people via millions of Americans becoming informed, including getting their questions and concerns answered, and having the opportunity to do the communications.

The result will be a very clear message for the members of Congress that they must establish the best universal health care if they want our support in their next election. We want over 75% of the members of the U.S. Senate and over 75% of the members of the U.S. House to provide a strong level of support for the establishment of universal health care, Improved Medicare for All. We will flood the U.S. Congress, overwhelming their offices with those communications.

We will have the people power to support and elect supportive candidates to replace those who refuse to support their constituents on this need..

Along the way we need to take care of ourselves to help ourselves feel good, have energy, avoid pain, have a long and productive life, … and make a contribution to the control of the nation’s health care costs.

All the best for your health and your health care.

Please take care of yourself.                         

Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate   


Peace of mind provides a description of the new freedoms that many Americans will have
and includes additional information about my experiences.


Reference: Health Care Meltdown by Bob LeBow, MD, for whom this campaign is dedicated. The book’s update by C. Rocky White, MD. was released in mid-August 2007. The book can be purchased at Amazon back


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