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Best Body Weight

From your height and your frame size** you can determine your best weight to contribute to your good health, as indicated by being within a good range of Body Mass Index (BMI). That good BMI range is 19 through 24 (actually between 18.5 and 24.9 to be more specific).

Frame size is indicated below as "Small", "Medium", or "Large", which can be determined by the size of your wrist**.

See more details below the chart.

BMI Chart

Explanation. See the explanation about the use of this chart. See the recommendation for how to determine your best weight as a best contributor to your good health, especially in the prevention of your getting cancer. There is a more detailed way, using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that is also provided at the recommendation.

**  Frame size determination. To determine  your frame size go here to the MedlinePlus website article titled "Calculating body frame size".

Valid Guideline for Weight? Beware of OLD charts!

Your doctor’s office or a magazine or book may have a chart that has heavier weights on it. If so, it’s an old chart and no longer valid. As more and more knowledge was gained, there was more and more evidence that the charts needed to be updated with lower weights.

#1 Action to Avoid Cancer

You may want to refer to the Take Care of Yourself web page that shares the extensive study of 7,000 studies. That unbelievably massive study is as close to wise advice as you will ever get when it comes to avoiding cancer. Therefore, we repeat the study’s #1 recommendation here: “be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight.”


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