Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Basis of the Million Letters
for Health Care Campaign

..ending with a suggested critical success factor

Knowledge is Power

Americans need to know what “single-payer” means, especially what it means to them individually and what it means for their families and for America.

After years of being influenced by propaganda, Americans need to realize that the “national” in “national health insurance” represents a form of patriotism that is called “caring” … caring for our economy and caring for each other: caring for Americans and America.

As a result, we Americans can help each other prepare for change. Change is often a big event for human beings, especially in the U.S. and especially for this topic, due to decades of propaganda instilling fear of change into generations of Americans. The educational and mental preparation for change will help people to embrace the change. Americans can then recognize and ignore the ideological propaganda. Many of us can not only embrace the change but also help make it happen by participating in the democratic process and by spreading the word to other Americans.

Participation in the Democratic Process is Critical

The immense power of the health insurance companies must be overcome with the overwhelming force of thousands of educated constituents communicating to each of the U.S. Representatives, who love to report to the press that very strong input was received from their constituents on a topic and that they responded positively to the input.

There’s Power in Numbers of People,
… each person doing their individual part to make a huge united voice

Having over 2,299 Americans communicating in every U.S. Congressional District is best for our country’s solidness in accomplishing the establishment of and the rapid change to non-profit single-payer national health insurance.

Speed is Critical

Opportunity. The facts and information that are currently available, much of which became freshly available in 2008 or 2009, presents an opportunity for action: informing American about those facts and information. We would NOT want to have people all over the country start dealing with old data and spend time and effort to determine, document and communicate future data as it is updated.

The Activity: a Challenge, then Fast Spreading of the Word. Getting Americans to take action is a very challenging one. The reality of Americans’ inaction, such as the tendency to not communicate to their elected officials, must be kept in mind. However, as soon as many people are educated and taking action, then the speed of educating more people will increase. There will simply be more “supper-table talk” or “talk over coffee” or “common topic” or whatever you want to call it.

Guarantee. The results are guaranteed, because the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators want to be re-elected, as implied by the statements above about the democratic process. The elected officials want to respond to their constituents WHEN the constituents communicate.

Problem is Well Known. At least two, national single-payer conference calls in the first months of 2009 included activists expressing the observation that Americans have never heard of single-payer. Until Americans and American organizations are educated the single-payer movement is going to remain ineffectual.

Suggested Critical Success Factor

Have tens of thousands of supporting Americans do what at least one person in California has done for some years … and I recently saw evidence of it from Colorado and in Michigan. Perhaps there are a few other places of which I am not aware. That factor is having a person’s highest priority be the use of the following technique, which for most activists would be their only activity:

  • Contact people one-on-one and have a chat with them, making a brief overall description of the situation and the two full-sheet double-side handouts
  • Determine during each contact whether the person(s) is receptive to the information and to taking action
  • Get the contact information and a signature (to sign up for the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign) onto the sign-up sheet from the persons who want to take action, and give them their own copy of the two handouts for their reference and so that they can make copies for themselves to follow the same procedure in contacting additional Americans
  • Give a quarter-size sheet to any person(s) who was not receptive to the idea of taking action
  • Immediately send the contact information so that the person(s) can be registered as participants in the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign
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