Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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What is universal health care, single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All?

… also called single-payer health care, universal health care, health care for all

What medical care will we get?

How much will health care cost me and my family?

How is it possible to get more, pay less and cover every American’s health care costs? (Or: how will we pay for health care?)

How It Will Work

How will improved Medicare for All work?

Is this going to be another government program? Who will manage it?

Will improved Medicare for All address regional differences?

… and its impact on Americans

Is U.S. health care the best in the world?

Why is the USA 19th out of 19 countries in its ability to minimize deaths under age 75 due to preventable causes?

Don't the U.S. excellent 5-year cancer survival rates indicate excellent health performance?

How does U.S. spending on health care compare to other free-market countries?

What is the impact of the current way to pay for health care on Americans?


Will U.S. health be the best in the world when we have improved Medicare for All?

What support will we give to the many employees who will need to find new jobs?

What will happen to the income of family physicians?

What will happen to the income of physicians who are specialists?

Will we have a problem with wait times when we have improved Medicare for All: the amount of time it will take to get health care, such as the time to see a specialist or get treatment/surgery?

How will our health care quality be impacted?

How will our health be impacted?

How will competition be impacted, including our ability to compete globally against other countries?


Why would I want government-run health care? I am concerned that improved Medicare for All would be a government takeover of health care. 

Is single-payer health care the same as ‘socialized medicine’?

If improved Medicare for All is so great, why don’t we have it already?

Why should I care about helping get improved Medicare for All? I have good health insurance. My family and I are covered.

Will there be a large tax increase?

Will illegal immigrants get health care via improved Medicare for All? 

Will visitors get health care via improved Medicare for All? 

Will improved Medicare for All hurt medical research and innovation? 

I think that Medicare costs the United States too much now, so why would we want to expand it to everyone? 

Doesn’t Medicare often deny care? 

How will fraud be controlled? 

Wouldn't Americans' purchase of catastrophic insurance solve many of our problems? That’s the advice I give my adult children who are single.

Will I have the option of paying more and getting more? 

Isn't the United States too large to have improved Medicare for All? 

Don’t we need co-pays to have people think before they get health care and help them appreciate the value of it? 

Don’t we need to address tort reform? 

There are many elderly Americans, so aren't U.S. high costs unavoidable? 

Isn’t this a risky action for the U.S. to take? 

Do we have enough doctors and nurses to treat everyone? 


Will this be like Canada’s health care?

Doesn’t Canada’s health care have serious problems? 

Doesn’t Canada have extremely long wait times? 

Doesn’t Canada ration health care? 

What about Canada’s medical horror stories
     that can be found on the internet?

Aren’t patients flocking from Canada to the U.S. in large numbers to get good health care? 


Don't we have too many people unemployed to try to implement Improved Medicare for All? We won’t be able to pay for … or at least not start-up … a health care for all system. 

Aren’t there a lot of “brick walls” in the way of getting improved Medicare for All?

Don’t we need to also take the action of getting rid of corporate influence on the actions of members of the U.S. Congress? 

What are the odds that we will get the attention of the U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives in the U.S. Congress so that they will respond to us? 

How We Will Get It

How can we help get improved Medicare for All?

Is there any proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress for improved Medicare for All?

Is there a U.S. Senate bill equivalent to H.R. 676?

Shouldn’t we consider what other countries have done with respect to their health care for all systems? 

Don’t we need money for media to have our efforts be successful? … such as tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop, produce and broadcast media campaigns to educate the public. 


Let’s lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 55.

Let’s implement single-payer in individual states.

FREE-MARKET   including health insurance companies's topics

We had all free-market health care years ago, such as in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Why don’t we go back to it now?.

Can't we give the for-profit health insurance companies a chance to solve the problems?

Why did the health insurance companies and a for-profit version of Medicare fail so badly between the mid-1970’s and now?

Don’t health insurance companies cost us 30 to 40 percent of the money that is spent on health care?


Shouldn’t we demand health care as a human right as part of the effort to get improved Medicare for All?

Isn’t there a problem with the salaries of CEO’s of the “evil” health insurance companies that is a problem regarding the cost of health care?

Won't the number of abortions increase significantly with improved Medicare for All? 

What will be done about the issue of abortion rights, a woman’s right to choose? 

Why don’t we have people simply take care of themselves?

Can’t patients help control costs? 

Aren't we talking about health care, not health insurance?

What is medical tourism, and what is its impact?

What will be the impact of the current law: the Affordable Care Act of 2010?


What feedback do you get from Americans about the campaign?

Isn't there a problem getting U.S. Mail to Congress?

Why do we have to print the letter on PAPER and send it in the U.S. Mail!?

What communications occur beyond sending letters in the U.S. Mail to the U.S. Representatives?

Why is the primary focus on the U.S. Representatives?

How does anyone know that the letters are actually being sent in the U.S. Mail to the U.S. Representatives?


Why don’t you provide the latest news … or news and analysis … for participants?

Why don’t you include the important topic of patient safety?

Why aren’t the Medicare for All teams and the team members listed?


What will be the impact of the Affordable Care Act of 2010? (PPACA/HCERA)(Obamacare)

Who were the 34 Democrats who joined all of the Republicans in the U.S. House for the March 21, 2010, vote on health care reform?

Is Representative Alan Grayson's proposal an option? He introduced a bill in the U.S. House that seems to be a true public option: House of Representatives Bill Number 4789 (H.R. 4789)


How do I enroll into Medicare?





Questions or Feedback?

Do you have a question or concern that needs an answer? Do you have any feedback?

If you have a question or topic about single-payer, improved Medicare for All, or any related topic for which you would like to have an answer, our Answers Team would be very happy to receive your input. Please contact us.

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